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Pro-LINE  52 K

Engineered and tested with you in mind!


•    All-in-One Kit
•    Powerful        
•    Lightweight
•    Portable
•    Adaptable
•    Economical
•    Treats over 100K sq. ft.
•    Use Anywhere /Anytime
•    You provide the manpower - just Add Water!

The KBZ 52-K Personal Professional Kit was designed specifically to apply a powerful hospital grade sterilant to both surfaces and in the air at the same time.                               

Set up your very own routine disinfection program. Use this applicator kit on your own schedule as many times as you want to keep your Indoor Air Quality safe and healthy for your employees, customers, tenants or anyone who enters your buildings & mobile units. 

The KBZ 52-K uses a powerful hospital grade sterilant 2.5 times the power of bleach but is safer to use as it is EPA, FDA and the Dept. of Agriculture recognized for decontamination in food processing and drinking water plants.

•    NO cleanup: spray and walk away
•    Cleans surfaces AND air!
•    Broad Spectrum Disinfectant
•    Effective in Low Concentrations!
•    Convenient/small footprint in storage


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