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KBZ-52-K Professional Decontamination Kit


You're personal kit includes:


1 Year Warranty on:

  1. Monogram Carryall Case with shoulder strap

  2. Clear 2-gallon bladder bag

  3. Supply hose with quick connect

  4. Utility Pack                                                                                                                                            

  •    PPE cloth mask

  •    Utility towel

  •    Safety razor

  •    Carabiner Slide lock


Safety / Warning Signage

KBZ Protected Stickers

Clear 16-oz purge/rinse bottle (or emergency eyewash)

Sprayer (applicator) 20v

Wand with Adapter

Spray Nozzle (for wand tip

Portable battery charger


Two separate containers with Chlorine Dioxide (Clo2) tablets

Each container holds 16 total Clo2 tablets

Total of 32 tablets, when added with water, will produce 32 gallons of fumigant and

will decontaminate 112,000 sq ft

Chemical dissipates and leaves no residue!


Lithium-ion batteries

   1 lithium-ion Main spray-applicator battery

   1 backup battery

Price per Kit : $2,850          



KBZ-52-K Replacement Kit


This kit offers replacement chemicals so that you can continue your program and maintain healthy indoor air quality uninterrupted.

32 ClO2 tablets (112,000 sq ft)

Replacement bladder                               

Price per unit: $765.00


Personalized Training


Personal Training/Certification by CPG Trainer of up to 10 designated personnel on the proper use of Klean Bio- Zone technology applied using CPG’s equipment. Basic guidelines for proper and safe usage of the equipment is included in purchase of the kit.

Price per person: $350.00




Professional inspection and real-time particle analysis from a portable bioaerosol sensor.


  1. Air quality comparison of outside air with the interior spaces. 

  2. At least, 10% sampling of total building/vehicle square footage.

  3. Real time analysis of 2.5 Micron, 6 Micron, & 10 Micron level particle counts

  4. Volatile Organic Compound readings

  5. Temperature & Humidity room comparisons

Price per test: $750.00



Service: IAQ Infection Control


Klean Bio-Zone Professional decontamination & building IAQ infection control service performed by CPG technicians


  1. EPA approved disinfectant across contracted sq ft.

  2. Application of Quat-A-S antimicrobial coating to high-touch surfaces.


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