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KBZ Indoor Air Quality Testing Program


Program Purpose 


Our testing and individual building assessment assists in validating the Klean Bio-Zone treatment internally and externally.

Our reports will create a onetime OR ongoing long-term record of regular IAQ assessment. This adheres to the EPA’s IAQ ‘Tools for Schools’ Action Kit and the CDC’s Guide for Cleaning & Disinfecting.

In analyzing the results of our testing, we establish a preventative maintenance program for improving indoor air quality. Instrument-based analysis allows for impartial testing continuity across the property.

Regular Testing proves the effectiveness of the treatments and we will provide certifications of cleanliness to each facility.    




IAQM Testing will contact each building’s manager/maintenance director to discuss facility access hours & entrance/exit protocol.

The First Test of each individual facility includes an assessment, by a trained technician, of the building’s layout, traffic patterns, HVAC location, & general building health. 

A record will be kept by IAQMT and provided to the facility manager along with the initial report.
•    After a visual inspection, our technician uses real-time particle analysis from a portable bioaerosol sensor.
•    Tech performs a ‘baseline’ test outside of the facility to establish an air quality comparison with the interior spaces. 
•    These spaces are chosen with intent according to high-volume traffic & likelihood of bacterial collection. We choose, at minimum, a 10% sampling of total building square footage. 
•    Report includes real time analysis of 2.5 Micron, 6 Micron, & 10 Micron level particle counts.
•    Testing also includes Volatile Organic Compound readings, temperature/humidity room comparisons.
*This test is non-intrusive and can be performed during business hours, before or after.

average retail cost of 1 test:
           ……………$ 750.00



It is recommended that each facility is tested before and after treatment with the Pro-Line 52-K. Regular testing schedule is suggested from the CDC’s guidelines.

Assessment Safety Issues

Technicians are NOT responsible for
determining course of actions to address building safety issues unrelated to Klean Bio-Zone
reporting levels of hazard to external groups


All issues should instead be directed to the facility's manager.


Rapid Bio-Aerosol Testing


1.    Individual spaces tested for ‘whole building’ health assessment and comparison with outside air
2.    Room Temperature/Humidity readings
3.    Three specific Micron readings before treatment and after to VALIDATE results
4.    Comparison of results to NAAQS/AQI National Standards


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